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Staurolite also called Fairy Crosses Are Grounding, Soothing & Aid Stress Written By Liz Oakes Staurolite stones are quite unique in that they naturally form a cross within the stone They are also known as fairy stones or as the fairy cross because they embody an energy that will help you to make contact with beings from the natural world They have a soothing calming energy that helps to

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Staurolite is also known as fairy stones, fairy crosses, fairy tears, cross stone, or baseler taufstein, which translates to baptismal stone This name was given to the stone because of its use in baptisms in the area of Basel, Switzerland The name staurolite derives from the Greek words stauros and lithos, or cross stone

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Jan 20, 2019 · Staurolite Properties Staurolite gemstones are unique, beautiful, and striking because they create the shape of a cross right within the stone They’re also known as the Fairy Cross because they possess an energy that will help and guide you in communicating with beings in your environment and from the natural world

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Fairy Stone State Park, in Patrick Co, Virginia is named after the twinned Staurolite crystals that are found there Blue Ridge, Fannin Co, Georgia, is a famous locality that has produced an abundance of single and twinned floaters

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FAIRY STONE CROSSES from the Area outside Fairy Stone Park, Virginia Natural staurolite crystals that normally form just a bar shaped crystal, sometimes two fuse together into crosses, as you see in the natural "bloom rock" matrix below:

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Mar 07, 2017 · Many of these are not actual staurolite but manufactured from ground stone and clay Geology notes that “if you see a selection of staurolite crosses offered for sale that are all the same size, same shape, and have air bubbles on close examination, they might be manufactured” Genuine staurolite has a rough surface and is opaque and brown

Staurolite: A metamorphic mineral famous for twinned crystals

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Staurolite is a red brown to black, mostly opaque, nesosilicate mineral with a white streak It crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, has a Mohs hardness of 7 to 75 and the stone formula: Fe 2+ 2 Al 9 O 6 (SiO 4) 4 (O,OH) 2 Magnesium, zinc and manganese substitute in the iron site and trivalent iron can substitute for aluminium

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Staurolite is the official state mineral of Georgia, and is also found in Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia, US Staurolite often appears as two pieces which join together as a cross They can appear as 90 degree angle cross called a Maltese cross, or as 60 degree angle crosses, which are called St Andrew’s Cross and look like an “X”

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It was associated with Christianity as a symbol for the cross and as a good luck charm It has been given the names "Fairy Stone" or Fairy Cross" Some scarcer specimens show both twin forms and can look like a blunt six rayed star Staurolite can be found in the …

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This type of fairy stone, aka Calcite Fairy Stone, is only found in Quebec, Canada It is not the same as staurolite which is also called fairy stone These fairy stones have a natural shape of smooth, flattened discs with one or more discs growing together These discs range from white to grayi-beige to gray

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Staurolite (Fairy Cross) Back to Crystals for Sale ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Also called Fairy Stone or Fairies’ Cross, this stone assists you with psychically connecting and communing with the fairy realm, and their wards, the animal kingdom Legend has it that the fairies shed tears when they heard of the death of Jesus

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Staurolite is also known as the "fairy stone" or "fairy cross" when it occurs in a cross formation Known as a talisman of good luck Relieves stress and depression Connection between the physical, astral, and extra-terrestrial planes We have Staurolite from Virginia, Madagascar, and Russia

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Extremely Rare Lg Museum Blue/Br Staurolite Cross/Fairy Stone/Fairy Cross 762 It weighs about 365 grams Just wash it off with Dawn dish washing detergent to remove the oil and let dry This piece would be perfect to carry on your person for good health and good fortune as was done by Chief Powhatan, several US Presidents, and many other

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Metaphysical uses for Staurolite include: Providing a connection between the physical, astral and extraterrestrial planes Providing grounding similar to that of using tobacco Helping to alleviate and reduce stress Bringing good luck to the user Facilitating rituals of “white magic” Other names: Fairy Stones, Fairy Cross

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22mm 37 Carat Staurolite Fairy Cross Stone in Matrix Natural Cross-Shaped Crystal Rough Twinned Spessartine Garnet Mineral Gemstone Specimen - Kola Peninsula, Russia $2995 $ 29 95 $395 shipping Only 1 left in stock - order soon Staurolite White …

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The Georgia state mineral, the staurolite crystal, has been found in large quantities for generations in northern Georgia The staurolite crystal is often referred to as a "fairy stone" or a "fairy cross" by local residents due to its easily recognizable cross-like shape

Staurolite: A metamorphic mineral famous for twinned crystals

Staurolite "fairy crosses": Staurolite crystals are often collected, made into jewelry, and sold as souvenirs or "good luck" charms Some of these items are genuine twinned staurolite crystals Others are cross-shaped models manufactured for the tourist trade

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Mar 26, 2019 · ★ Metaphysical Properties and Mystic Lore: Staurolite, also called Fairy Stone or Fairies’ Cross, this stone assists you with psychically connecting and communing with the fairy realm, and their wards, the animal kingdom Legend has it that the fairies shed tears when they heard of the death of Jesus Christ and they solidified into crosses

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This website is dedicated to the amateur rockhound who is interested in finding rock specimens for their collection It includes information such as collecting locations that I've visited or that I've researched, and also information from other rockhounds This page allows for the entry of Rock collecting locations that have been found by users on the internet or by reference sources

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The staurolite crystal is a natural phenomenon found in the earth at only a few places in the world It is a rare, mysterious and mystical mineral; shaped by Nature into unique forms, each an individual work of art Another legend states that staurolites are the tears of the Fairies shed when Jesus died, thus the name “Fairy Cross”

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Staurolite is a gemstone that has some different names It is also called Fairy Cross or Cross Stone If you can't find it in the name of Staurolite, please try other names Please be careful because you might get confused with Chiastolite, which also has a cross pattern Staurolite has a three-dimensional cross, but Chiastolite has a linear cross

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Fairy Cross is another name for staurolite crystals, minerals found in old rocks of the Eastern US, and they are especially abundant in Fannin County What makes these natural crosses so appealing? The mystical qualities and the curious makeup of fairy crosses have appealed to the superstitious nature nature of people for centuries

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The mineral name for "fairy crosses" is staurolite The staurolite is considered to be the Georgia state mineral The legend of "fairy crosses" have come down through history from the first meeting of John Smith and Pocahontas, which states that the Indian Princess gave John Smith a good luck charm necklace made out of a "fairy cross"

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The twin crystals found on staurolite are sometimes referred to as ‘Fairy crosses’ / ‘Faery Crosses’ – as it was once believed to be created by the tears of the fae whom could not help but cry when they heard of Christ’s crucifixion Staurolite is often called “faery stone” or “faery cross”

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Fairy stones Staurolite Pendant Every Fairy stone is in some shape of a cross, and millions of people are now wearing them in various forms of jewelry May the charms of the Fairy Stone make you blessed Through the days of stoneor and nights of rest Where ever you stay, where ever you go May the beautiful Flowers of the good Fairies grow

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Staurolite gets its name from the Greek words stauros-lithos Stauros-lithos translated to English means Cross Stone If you look at the picture above you will see why it has that name :))) It is also known as a Fairy Cross The stone almost always has a formation of a cross upon it

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The name Staurolite comes from the Greek words stauros (cross) and lithos (stone) meaning stone of the cross Staurolite is known as the Fairy Stone or Fairy Cross, and was said by some to be the crystallized tears of fairies, bereft on hearing the news of Christ's crucifixion and death Read more about Staurolite in the Crystalpedia

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Staurolite stones (from the Greek word Stauros, meaning "cross") are most commonly shaped like St Andrew's and Roman crosses For many years, people have used fairy stones as good luck charms, believing that they protect the wearer against witchcraft, sickness, accidents, and disaster

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Staurolite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information Home » Gemstones » Staurolite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information This brownish red staurolite is lighter than typical for these gems 167-ct, 91 x 70 x 2 From the Greek stauros and lithos, meaning “stone cross

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A prominent specimen of staurolite is the Basel Baptismal font, a cruciform twin of staurolite, used as an amulet in Basel, Switzerland Lusakite is a variety of staurolite consisting of cobalt Other names for staurolite include: cross stone, crucite, grenatite, lapis crucifer, lucky stone, staurotide, and twin stone

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Authentic Natural Fairy or Lucky Stones CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK More free information and interesting items - Home Page Jewelry from Fairy Stones Polished staurolite with eyelet & jump ring and necklaces Carried by Roosevelt, Wilson, Edison, and Lindbergh

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Staurolite is also known as the Fairy Cross This stone has been traditionally used as a protective stone and as a talisman of good luck Historical Folklore This stone was believed to have formed from the tears fairies shed when they heard the news of Christ’s death

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Oct 09, 2012 · Staurolite Cross is a mineral composed of silica, iron and aluminum There are 4 different shapes of the Staurolite (commonly called fairy cross or fairy stone) single - crystal

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Related: spirit quartz staurogyne repens staurolite fairy cross staurolite pendant fairy cross staurolite cross staurolite virginia stick insects eggs staurolite taos Refine more Format

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