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Magnetic Pulleys | Bunting Magnetics

New to BuyMagnets, magnetic head pulleys are available in diameters of 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ and widths range from 14″ to 38″ XT Hubs and Bushings are standard with ceramic magnets and stainless steel shell construction

Magnetic Head Pulleys - Shields Company

Shields Company Magnetic Head Pulleys provide continuous protection against tramp iron contamination of both large and fine metal particles We offer magnet sizes for every application, as small as 4″ diameter Our magnetic pulleys are available in regular strength and a “high power” version for more extreme applications

Eriez - Magnetic Pulleys

Eriez Magnetic Pulleys are widely used as head pulleys in belt conveyors for continuous automatic removal of damaging tramp iron from a variety of materials As illustrated in Figure 1, tramp–iron contaminated material comes within the pulley’s magnetic field, the tramp iron is attracted and held to the belt until it reaches the underside, passes out of the magnetic field, and is separately discharged

Magnetic Head Pulleys | BuyMagnets

13 rows · The magnetic pulleys come standard with ceramic magnets; rare earth magnets are …

Magnetic Head Pulley | Metal-Katcher Products

Magnetic Head Pulleys can be manufactured to meet the size and installation requirements of most conveyor system applications A cleated belt is recommended to insure the attracted tramp material is moved away from the pulley and discharged Standard Features: 300 Series stainless steel face provides durability for many years of dependable trouble free performance; High intensity ceramic 8 magnetic material guarantees optimum separation of ferrous tramp for the life of the pulley…

Head Pulley Magnet - Puritan Magnetics, Inc

Head Pulley Magnets provide continuous self cleaning on products conveyed by belt Used to remove and discard tramp metal from product flow As product is conveyed along the belt it reaches the head pulley and enters the magnetic field where metal contaminants are attracted and held tightly to the belt surface

Magnetic Head Pulleys - Bunting Magnetics Co

Magnetics Pulleys Available in Electro and Permanent Magnet Designs Pulleys are available in diameters of 4″, 6″, 8″, 10”, 12″, 14”, 15″, 16″, 18″, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” Width of the pulley, shaft diameter and length are based on customer’s requirements Shafts are …

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Find great deals on eBay for conveyor head pulley Shop with confidence Skip to main content eBay Logo: New Magnetic Conveyor Head Roller, Pulley 6" Diameter x 235" drum width Brand New $99600 Buy It Now New Wendt Magnetic Head Pulley Roller 66" X 12" 2 7/16" Bearing Shaft Brand New $4,76500 Buy It Now

Magnetic Pulley – Permanent Magnets Ltd

The magnetic field of the pulley attracts the ferrous fines which are held to the belt until it reaches the underside The separated ferrous materials pass out of the magnetic field and are collected separately into a chute or bin The cleaned material is discharged normally over the pulley in a vertical drop


CONVEYOR PULLEY SELECTION GUIDE Pulley/Core Diameter – The outside diameter of the cylindrical body of a conveyor pulley, without coating Finish Diameter – The outside diameter of a coated pulley (core diameter + 2 times the coating/wrap thickness) Face Width – The length of a pulley’s cylindrical body This area is intended to act as the contact surface for the conveyor belt

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Magnetic head pulleys (or head roller magnets) are made in standard sizes and can therefore be easily integrated into an existing installation The shaft diameter, for example, is suitable for SNL bearing blocks, and the shaft journal (including keyway) is suitable for a standard SEW gear unit

Magnetic - Pulleys - Ohio Magnetics

Stearns Super 710 Model Magnetic Pulleys Available in a variety of standard sizes up to 48″ in diameter and 72″ in width Incorporates a double stack of our exclusive, wedge shaped magnets A non-magnetic stainless steel shaft is standard to produce maximum magnetic attraction force

Magnetic head pulley | Goudsmit Magnetics

A magnetic head pulley (head roller magnet) separates ferromagnetic particles, such as iron or steel, and even weakly magnetic particles (such as particles from processed stainless steel) from coarse to very fine fractions and carries them away completely automatically and continuously

Magnetic Pulleys | MSI | Magnetic Systems International

Magnetic Pulleys Not all pulleys are created equal In fact, within a fixed diameter and face width, there are dozens if not hundreds of potential magnetic circuits to choose from MSI’s magnetic head pulleys can be designed for specific applications, even separating one type of magnetic material from another

Magnetic Head Pulley - Magnapower

The Magnapower magnetic head pulley is widely used in the recycling and material handling industries for the continuous removal of ferrous metal We are committed to providing a high performance unit which is durable and reliable and provides maximum magnetic separation efficiency Our magnetic head pulleys tend to be built to our customer’s size requirements

New & Used Permanent Magnetic Conveyor Pulleys for Sale

The size required for an application is based on a number of factors, including the maximum and minimum size of particles Magnetic Pulleys work by attracting ferrous particles out of your processing system or to redeem valuable ferrites from other substances Magnetic Pullys are used for certain applications such as iron ore cobbing, slag processing, mineral beneficiation, auto shredding, blue box …

MAGNETIC HEAD PULLEY Lifting Magnet For Sale | Smyrna, GA

MAGNETIC HEAD PULLEY Lifting Magnet for sale in Georgia for $95000 USD View photos, details, and other Lifting Magnets for sale on MyLittleSalesman Stock # MM191403-4, MLS # 9746579

Pulley Magnets | Magnetic conveyor Pulleys | Bunting

Magnetic pulleys and conveyor pulleys The Master Magnets pulley separators and magnetic conveyor pulleys are an easy, reliable solution for the continuous extraction of ferrous metals from a product stream Magnetic pulley separators are installed as a replacement head pulley at …

Midwest Equipment Sales, Inc - Magnets

Click Here to See Some of the Magnets We've Built in the Past Electro Magnetic Head Pulleys Manuf: Stearns Description: 31"Face x 36"Diameter, Can Change Out Shaft if Needed 2200 GUSS DRUM MAGNET Manuf: Dings Description: 77"Face x 40"Diameter, Can Change Out Shaft if Needed

Industrial Magnetics, Inc - Conveyor Line

The powerful, deep reaching magnetic circuit pulls metal to the face of the magnet where the cleated belt can remove the metal off the end of the magnet and out of the product flow The compact design of the SMS makes it ideal for use on portable size reduction equipment


Particle size of material being conveyed Nature of tramp iron and size expected to be removed Diameter and width of head pulley Head pulley shaft diameter The magnetic field extends over the whole circumference of pulley The magnet inside the shell rotates along with the pulley and is not stationary

Pulleys - Diameters and Speed - Engineering ToolBox

Single Belt Transmission - one driving pulley and one driven pulley For a system with two shafts and two pulleys - as indicated with pulley 1 and 2 in the figure above: d 1 n 1 = d 2 n 2 (1) where d 1 = driving pulley diameter (inch, mm) n 1 = revolutions of driving pulley (rpm - rounds per minute)

Conveyor Pulley, Drive Pulley, Snub Pulley, Take-Up(Tail

Head/Drive Pulley is located at the discharge terminus of the conveyor It provides the driving force for the conveyor In order to increase pulley life and traction, it often has a larger diameter than other pulleys Jagruti can supply pulleys with hot vulcanized stone lagging, plain or grooved, as required by client

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Aug 27, 2012 · Magnetic Head Pulley provides effective way to remove ferrous contaminant from powdery, schistose and granulate material, like ore, coal, waste, sand and etc Magnetic head Pulley is …

Magnetic Head Pulleys - Magnetic Separator Products

(12” diameter pulley has steel head) QD Keyed hubs Shaft cut to customers’ specifications included in price Options: Lagging Applications: Large volume: - Material handling - stone shredding - Grinding - Auto shredding - Asphalt recycling Dings DFC Ultra 12”, 15”, 18”, 20”, 24”, 30”, 36” & 42” diameters Fabricated stainless steel heads

Magnetic Head Pulleys - Thompson Magnetics

Magnetic Separation Pulleys are installed as head pulleys in conveyor systems to improve product purity and to protect equipment from tramp metal damage They provide continuous, effective removal of ferrous metal from the product flow

Pulleys - Diameters and Speed - Engineering ToolBox

For a system with two shafts and two pulleys - as indicated with pulley 1 and 2 in the figure above: d 1 n 1 = d 2 n 2 (1) where d 1 = driving pulley diameter (inch, mm) n 1 = revolutions of driving pulley (rpm - rounds per minute) d 2 = driven pulley diameter (inch, mm) n 2 = revolutions of driven pulley (rpm - …

GrinderCrusherScreen Magnetic Separator Solutions

ALL SIZE DIAMETERS AND LENGTHS AVAILABLE! Magnetic head pulleys are used to collect small ferrous metals from materials on a conveyor and protect your equipment They are made of permanent magnets, require no additional power to run, and save space by giving you magnetic separation without the need of other machines

Magnetic Separation Pulleys | Magnetic Head Pulleys

Magnetic Separation Pulley Sizes Standard diameters and maximum face widths are tabled below The effective magnetic reach out distance varies with the pulley diameter and this …

Manufacturers of Permanent Magnetic Head Pulleys Belt

Manufacturers of Permanent Magnetic Head Pulleys for Belt Conveyor Star Trace, one of the most reliable magnetic head pulleys supplier in India, Specializes in manufacturing all types of conveyor magnets for more than 25 years and having good reputation in oversea market

Type CM3 Super Strength Conveyor Magnet with Auto Load Release

Type CM3 Super Strength Conveyor Magnet with Auto Load Release Heavy Duty Magnet Construction consists of state-of the-art permanent magnets, double bonded, and encased in a stainless steel channel and heavy-gauge carbon steel backplate Conveyor Magnet Dimensions are 3-1/2″ deep by 10″ wide, exclusive of suspension eyebolts, x length as specified Weight is 45 lbs per foot of length

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Rubber Head Pulley Package Consists of: Head pulley 12 in diameter 24 in ID: 143384 Quote + 48 in x 6 in Impact Idlers Impact Idlers 2 units available 48 in long 6 in diameter ID: 142374 Quote + 26 in x 16 in Bare Steel Tail Pulley Bare Steel Tail Pulley 16 in diameter 26 in wide For 24 in belt ID: 142368 Quote + 32 in x 24 in Head Pulley Package Head Pulley Package

Magnetic pulley

Magnetic Head Pulley provides effective way to remove ferrous contaminant from powdery, schistose and granulate material, like ore, coal, waste, sand and etc Magnetic head Pulley is composed of 360 degree magnetic core protected by rotatable stainless steel cover and a axis of rotation


41 Pulley Diameter Selection Chart 42 Wing Pulley Selection Chart 43 Wing Pulley Selection Chart 44 CW-Wrap Factor 51 Lagging Capability 61 Chevron® Pulley Specs 71 TUTT Dimensions 72 TUWS Dimensions 73 TULD Dimensions 74 TUHD Dimensions 74-A TUHD Bolt Dimensions 75 TUTA Dimensions 76 TUCP Dimensions 77 TUTA Interchange and Bearing Sizes

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Magnetic Head Pulleys Magnetic Head Pulleys are permanent magnetic separators that operate as head pulleys on belt conveyors These self-cleaning magnets remove tramp iron and purify material conveyed in …

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surplus parts new and used parts at discount prices 3 x 5 disk screen make an offer click image to see full size conveyor parts screen parts 3 x 5 disk screen part# ssp152304-2 make an offer click image to see full size 60" 20 degree idler part# csp152404-1 magnetic head pulley

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Magnet for sale in California for $6,50000 USD View photos, details, and other Lifting Magnets for sale on MyLittleSalesman MLS # 8533039

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