Rotary Straightness Detection Method

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Method and Device for Detecting Straightness Deviations

Oct 12, 2017 · The invention pertains to a method and a device for detecting straightness deviations and/or deformations in a rotary kiln, the rotary drum of which features bearing rings that are spaced apart from one another in the axial direction and respectively …

Rotary straighteners for tube and pipe - The FABRICATOR

An online straightness deviation measurement method of

Request PDF on ResearchGate | An online straightness deviation measurement method of rotary kiln cylinder | The straightness deviation is a key parameter to evaluate the operation state of large

Rotary Kiln Cylinder Deformation Measurement and Its

rotary kiln cylinder, and preliminarily put forward the geometry methods for calculating the straightness deviation In [1], researchers elaborated the significance of measuring the straightness deviation and surface deformation of a rotary kiln cylinder, and introduced a geometry method for the dynamic measurement of the kiln straightness

Online Rail Straightness Measurement Based on Parallel

such as laser sensors, data acquisition, and computing technology, an innovative rail straightness measurement method was designed and implemented based on parallel computing In the design, 14 laser displacement sensors and 2 rotary encoders were used to measure respectively 7 level

A&H Versatile Well Drilling Equipment With Water Detection

A&H has quality drilling equipment such as dual rotary drills max 500ft depth, rotating casing for Hole Straightness, water detection & discharge control

One Point Detection Method of a Rotary Kiln Axis and its

Measurement device for rotary kiln axis demands high positioning accuracy, considering the disadvantage of its complex way of measurement and its wired transmission, an on-line measuring method of rotary kiln using the one-point measuring method at each rotary kiln support is put forward On the basis of it, a wireless transmitting and receiving hardware system is built, and a software is

CN102235847A - Method for detecting whole straightness of

The invention discloses a method for detecting the whole straightness of a steel pipe, which comprises the following steps of: arranging an inclined guide rail which forms a certain included angle with a horizontal plane according to the diameter of the steel pipe to be detected and a preset steel pipe straightness reference value; judging the straightness of the steel pipe to be detected in

The Detection and Analysis of Straightness Errors on

K Zhang et al, "The Detection and Analysis of Straightness Errors on Pillar and Guide Rail of Alien Stone Turning-Milling Compound Machining Center", Applied Mechanics and …

US20150217972A1 - Guide rail straightness measuring system

The invention relates to an elevator guide rail straightness measuring system, for measuring the straightness of elevator guide rails, which measuring system comprises at least one plumb line mounted vertically in the runway adjacent to the guide rail and at least one sensor arrangement to be mounted on a carrier to travel vertically along the guide rail, which sensor arrangement comprises a

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